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Annual Boiler Services in Leeds


No matter what boiler type you have, our team is able to diagnose and repair your boiler quickly at competitive costs.

Boiler emergencies do not happen during normal business hours. We are available to help you at any hour of the day. We’re available 24/7/365 to help with your emergency boiler repair needs in Leeds.

A broken boiler could result in your home being cold or not heated enough. Your home may be at risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning if it breaks down in the worst case. Our Leeds-based customer care team is always ready to take your call at any hour of day.

Our heating engineers have all been Gas Safe registered. They can repair your fault quickly and efficiently and will leave your home tidy and clean as they found it.

An unreliable boiler can be stressful. Our heating engineers are available 24 hours a days, 365 days a years. Our heating engineers have years of experience and are trusted to repair and maintain your boiler.

Hire a gas engineer from us to get certified and gas safe-registered.

We are always striving for high standards in work. We are proud to have assembled a talented and experienced team of tradesmen.

We don’t charge any upfront fees, we only charge at the time of arrival. Additionally, we provide itemized invoices that detail all charges, without hidden fees.

We can swap out your existing copper cylinder to a high efficiency modern cylinder, which is more economical and has better flow rates.

Although we are based out of Leeds, we have performed many jobs in West Yorkshire, and sometimes further afield.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers, Boiler Repairs in Leeds

We are a Leeds-based firm that serves areas in West Yorkshire, Bagby Fields, The Leylands, Camp Field, Little London as well as  Leeds. You can see our locations page to find out if we might be able cover your area.

Our engineer will examine your central heating system and boiler. We will repair your boiler and central heating if it is possible.

If the fault was an original boiler failure, any unrelated problems, such as a leaking or damaged radiator, would be provided separately.

Your quote only covers the work we have already discussed with you. We’ll fix it if it’s related to the original issue. We will also provide separate quotes for any other faults. For example, if you call us to repair a leaking drain but have not called us to resolve the problem, we will give you a separate estimate for each repair. For 12 months, we’ll cover any future plumbing or drain repairs.

A Boiler system failure can disrupt your family’s life in a big way. It is often unexpected and unwelcome, especially in winter. Living without heating and hot water can lead to major problems that you don’t even need.

There are many reasons why a boiler can break down, such as a problem with the boiler or heating system. Our heating engineers can assist you with any problems related to your central heating, hot water, or radiators.

We offer power flushing to improve the efficiency of your boiler. Power flushing involves the removal and sediment buildup in your pipes. It improves heat circulation and lowers the risk of future boiler repairs.

Our boiler engineers offer a great service to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their boilers. No matter if you need a commercial or domestic boiler repair, our gas safe engineers provide a quality service. We also offer competitive prices in the Leeds area and the surrounding areas.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers, Boiler Repairs in Leeds

We have engineers on hand!

We respond quickly to any boiler problems. After receiving your call, our Customer Service team will assess the situation quickly and arrange for a heating engineer to visit your house.

Our engineer will arrive at your location on time and locate the problem. After that, he will explain the options. Safety and well-being for your family is our main concern. Potential hazards, such as carbon monoxide fumes or omissions, will quickly be identified and tested.

The engineer will either safely repair your boiler or work closely with you to find an alternate solution as quickly as possible.

We work in your house throughout the day, being respectful of your family members and property. Our goal is to cause minimal disruption and leave your home clean, tidy, and safe.

Your gas boiler should be repaired as soon as possible if it is having trouble. We know how important it is to have your boiler repaired quickly, as you rely upon them for heating and hot running water. Our Leeds-based gas engineer can repair your boiler and get it back to normal within an hour.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers, Boiler Repairs in Leeds

Our Gas engineers have years of experience with all types of boilers, and other gas appliances in residential and commercial properties.

Yes. You can feel at ease knowing that all our repairs have been completed by gas engineers who are licensed and qualified.

If additional work is required, we may need to charge more. You can cancel the job at any time if you are not satisfied with the work being done.

If you have an emergency boiler engineer Leeds that is required for boiler repair or service, it may just be as simple to switch a switch or increase the pressure. There may not be a problem with your boiler right away. If the boiler isn’t working, we will diagnose it.

It is very common for a boiler to break down and it can be fixed.

We are specialists in boiler repairs in Leeds & West Yorkshire and pride ourselves in our ability to fix any type of boiler, regardless of its age.


It is recommended that your boiler be serviced once a year in order to avoid any breakdowns or repair costs.

Your central heating system should be serviced every year to make sure it is safe and works efficiently. We are a local plumbing and heating expert that provides affordable boiler servicing to landlords and residents in the Leeds area.

Boiler servicing can be important for many reasons but is often ignored as an unneeded expense. However, it is important to remember.

Regular boiler servicing can ensure your appliance’s safety and efficiency. You can rest assured that your boiler won’t fail unexpectedly and any problems will be detected early.

Our experts will help you select the right smart thermostat to fit your home.

You could gain greater control over your heating to ensure it’s used only when needed. This could reduce your energy costs and increase efficiency.

Annual Boiler Maintenance

All of our heating engineers Leeds are Gas Safe registered. Our highly skilled team offers a complete range of boiler maintenance or repair services. We take pride in our polite, friendly nature and our commitment that we will always leave your home tidy and clean.

We are a county-based company, serving areas in and around Leeds. Check out our locations page for more information.

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Home Heating System Help (city) has provided boiler services across Leeds & West Yorkshire throughout the last 18 years. We offer an efficient, high-quality service you can depend on.

Our boiler service is an annual maintenance that gives you peace of head and helps reduce the risk of your boiler bursting at any time.

Why is regular boiler servicing important

Our engineer will provide advice on the condition of the boiler and when it might need to be replaced. He can also give tips for getting the best out of your central heating system, including how to lower your energy costs.

We understand the inconvenience and stress that comes with having to pay a high price for a boiler repair. We offer different types and types of boiler repair and services plans to suit each customer.

Boiler servicing can be overlooked. However, any boiler problems, regardless of how small, will only get worse if they are not addressed promptly. This could lead to expensive future repairs.

A well-maintained boiler will be more reliable than one that has been neglected. It is also more likely to last longer.

Why is boiler servicing so important?

You can ensure your boiler runs well by servicing it. This will also make sure it runs safely, so you and your loved ones are not at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning.

While it’s impossible to prevent an unexpected breakdown of your central heating system or boiler, regular boiler maintenance and service can help minimize the risk. Our engineers perform thorough checks on your boiler to make sure it is running safely and efficiently.

We offer both domestic and commercial service contracts, plans and emergency breakdown coverage. We ensure your boiler and heating systems are compliant with legislation. Our boiler servicing plans will give you assurance that your property is safe and warm.

What do I need to do to maintain my boiler?

People don’t always prioritize central heating maintenance. This can lead unexpected boiler breakdowns. While repair and call-out costs can be costly, leaving your home without heating could cost you even more.

Home Heating System Help Leeds is a company that cares about heating homes. We offer a free boiler replacement, even if we are not customers. Our expert engineers will fix your boiler and give you peace of mind.

Our standard boiler service for the year includes:

Our company combines the experience and product ranges of large corporations with the personal, friendly service of a family-run enterprise. Despite our company growing over the years we have maintained the same family values that we were founded upon: integrity, honesty, and quality.

Our number one priority is you. We can help you choose the right heating system for your needs, whether it is your home or your company.

Our skilled engineers can repair and service boilers at home and in industrial settings.

Our Gas Safe registered heating engineers will tidy up after the Annual boiler service. We’ll also remind you when the next boiler service is due. We will take note of the time, and we’ll get in touch with you to remind you when your next boiler service is due.

Preventive maintenance offers many benefits

It is best to have your boiler service done every year in order to prevent heating problems. Your boiler warranty will still be valid if you have an annual service. If it stops working, you don’t need to pay for it to be fixed. We repair and service boilers in Leeds as well as West Yorkshire.

New boilers come with a 12-year warranty. To keep your warranty valid, you need to service your boiler every year. Your boiler should be inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

24 Hours Callout Available



Home Heating System Help can be your partner, whether you are a landlord or tenant. They will ensure that all the regulations are adhered to and that the property is made as safe as possible.

What is included in the service?

Sometimes, a simple inspection – CP12 of the property is not enough. Before tenants are allowed to move in, or stay in the property, they must be confirmed that all appliances have been tested by the engineer.

Modern solutions for ensuring your new build project runs smoothly with high efficiency and performance. You will find a variety of new build services.

Current tenants – A copy of the gas certificates is legally available to you if you reside in a rented house. Within 28 days after the checks are completed, your landlord must give you a copy of the gas certificate (either on paper or online depending upon your preference).

Plumbing problems can strike at any time, day or night. You can book an engineer online to visit your home 24 hours a days, 7 days a semaine.

Gas Safe certified engineers are qualified to maintain your boiler to UK Gas Safety standards. After your maintenance has been completed you should request the engineer’s Burn Control Sheet. Standard annual maintenance costs usually range between PS60-100.

Gas safety checks are typically completed in 30-45 minutes. This will vary depending upon how many appliances must be checked and the ease with which they can be accessed by the engineer.

What is the reason your Gas Safety Certificate failed?

To ensure that your tenants are safe and ready for use, we will send them a copy the Gas Safety Certificate. We can also help with emergency repairs.

Gas safety checks must be performed on every gas appliance/flue each year. These checks must be done at least one year before any new lease begins. More information is available at the Gas safety-landlords and letting agent section.

If a safety check record shows a defect, the landlord must immediately correct it. If there are any concerns that an appliance is unsafe or dangerous, the landlord should immediately take action.

Gas Safe registered engineers do all your work. Before we arrive, you’ll receive a call.

Tenants seeking to move into a rented house? Before you can move in the landlord must issue a copy of your gas safety certificate.

What do I need?

All landlords within the UK must have a CP12 certification, which must be renewed annually. But homeowners who own gas appliances are not required by law to have one. However, it is a good idea to inspect your property and to also obtain a gas safety certification for your property.

Gas safety checks should be conducted on all gas appliances (permanent, portable, or gas flues) you own or provide for your tenants.

If an engineer is doing gas work on your property, it is helpful to know exactly what documentation to expect. Here are the details.

If you’re the landlord of a communal property (e.g. Legally, student accommodation landlords are allowed to distribute gas safety certificates. The record must state that tenants are allowed to request a copy and give them the details of how they can get one. Your tenants must be informed when and where the gas safety certificate was issued.

Home Heating System Help boasts a team of competent, reliable gas engineers. We are proud to offer only the highest quality services. Get in touch today. Get a free trial.

Legal requirements for Gas Safety Certificate – CP12

It’s important to keep in mind that the Gas Safe Register does not issue a single certificate. Each company’s documentation may differ. It will be valid as long as it contains the above information and is in hard copy.

After performing a gas safety test, a Gas Safe engineer will prepare a Landlord Gas Safety Record.

Gas Safety Certificates guarantee that a property’s gas appliances are protected and secured. Gas Safety Inspections include a Gas Safe engineer performing a thorough inspection of your gas appliances and connection to verify that they are working properly.

Gas certificates can be called many different things. It might be called an LGSR (Landlord Gas Safety Record), by some companies. It’s sometimes also called the CP12 certification (CORGI PROFORMA 12). This is a reference to CORGI, the UK’s official body for gas safety. Gas Safe is the current name for the certificate. It doesn’t really matter what you call the certificate, but it is vital that you know whether you require one, how to obtain one, and what it should look like. We have the right answers for you.

Gas Safety Certificates – Simple, Affordable, Paperless

Home Heating System Help was established in 2015 by a friendly group of heating and plumbing engineers. Some of our engineers possess more than 30+ years’ experience.

A Gas Safety Certificate will give you assurance that your gas appliances can be used safely. It protects you from potential liability in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

The good news about safety is that Home Heating System Help Gas Safety Certificates will be taken care of every year. 1

Gas safety regulations are strict. Therefore, landlords that violate CP12 regulations can face serious penalties. Heavy fines are usually the worst penalty. In extreme cases, your insurance may be canceled and you may even end up in jail.

If an installation is connected to a natural gas supply and it is being operated, it can pose a danger to property or life. The gas engineer will ask for your permission to disconnect the appliance. Once the problem has been fixed, the engineer will recommend that the appliance be removed from service. People could be put at risk if they continue to use what is deemed an “Immediate Dangerous.”

Gas Safety Certificates Near Me

After conducting the checks, an engineer may issue you a certificate. This document is called a Gas Safety Record.

Your Gas Safety Certificate will be sent to you by email on the same day. For the event that you are unable to locate your certificate later, we will keep a copy.

Gas Safety Certificates cost can vary depending upon where you live and the number and type of connections and appliances that are being checked.

We are a family owned business, based in Leeds. We work with both commercial and residential customers in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

If you’re looking for a Gas Safety Certificate in your area, you will need to list the number of appliances that you have to be checked. An appliance is one that burns fuel. For example, if you have both a boiler and hob gas, you will need inspections on both.

Gas Safety Certificates For Landlords & Homeowners

One of our engineers will contact your within 24 hours to set up an appointment. The engineer will inspect the property to issue the certificate. Within 24 hours of inspection you can access your Gas Safety certificate electronically. Even if no online account exists, you can take advantage of our online services. You can track your gas safety checks and obtain certificates online.

Gas Safety Certificates, also known by CP12 or landlord’s gas record, are mandatory for all rentals that use fuel-burning appliance. They verify that gas appliances have been inspected and approved under UK law. A Gas Safe Registered Engineer must inspect your property’s gas appliances in order to obtain a gas certificate. This will ensure that they are safe to use, and not potential sources of carbon monoxide or gas leaks. He will examine the appliances for safety and make sure they work as intended.

Is it necessary to obtain a gas safety cert? This is the place for you!

After an inspection, the engineer will issue a gas certificate – CP12. Although some engineers use digital versions of the gas safety certificates, many others still use the original handwritten paper version. Both of these are valid. While the handwritten version can be issued immediately, digital versions can take up to 24 hours to reach you. The paper version will contain a copy for the landlord and tenant as well as one to the engineer.

What happens if there is no valid Gas Safety Certificate?

If you do not know of a gas engineer who is registered, we can help!

Many companies store LGSR certificates online rather than giving out printed copies. While this is legal, it means that they must be able, upon request, to issue your gas safe certificates in hard copy to your tenants (or another party such as the Health and Safety Executive).

Before hiring an engineer, make sure they are Gas Safe registered. This can be done by looking at their Gas Safe certificate online. This small ID card should show the following:

Gas engineers must all be on the Gas Safe Register. But, it is not a law requirement that they present Gas Safety Record documentation once they visit you. However, there is one exception: if landlords are involved.

How much does a Gas Safety Certificate cost?

Regular boiler maintenance is necessary to ensure the appliance is running safely and efficiently. Also, it is important to check for minor issues and avoid them becoming serious. It usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the boiler type and complexity and the ease with which the engineer can access the system to inspect it.

We can now discuss the details of a typical gas safety certificate. An example of a gas safety certification will tell you:

If you’re a tenant who has recently rented property, please contact your landlord for a Gas Safety Certificate. If you do not possess one, you can pass our company details to us and we will ensure that you are safe.

Gas Safety Certs allows you to order a Gas Safety Certificate online. It takes only a few steps. You can fill out the online form by entering your details, including address, type, number of appliances, and other pertinent information.

It is important that the landlord does not have to inspect an appliance owned by tenants, such as a cooker. However, the landlord has to inspect the pipework. Although gas safety certificates do not have to be issued for private homeowners or households (or any other household), it is recommended you have them checked.

The simple answer to this question is yes. Private homeowners aren’t required by law to have gas safety certifications for their homes. Therefore, you can legally list your house without having one.

Ask your engineer to provide any documentation showing that you’ve had a gas safety test or any other work performed.

The engineer will present the landlord with a Gas Safety Record (previously referred as a certificate/a CP12).

After the engineer has completed his inspection of the property, and has certified that everything appears to be in perfect condition, the engineer will issue the gas safety certificate. Gas safety certificates need to be renewed each year.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

Here’s some guidance for those who are having a gas appliance replaced.

There are many HomeCare products that will suit your budget and needs. We can help spread the cost throughout the year by setting up monthly payments to make it manageable.

A Gas Certificate is required by all persons who own or rent property with gas appliances. This applies to landlords, homeowners, as well as tenants.

When you sell your home, many solicitors request certificates from an engineer who has performed gas work at your house. This could include services for boilers and other gas appliances.

Gas Safety Certificates indicate whether an appliance is safe to use or fails. It will provide information about each failure, if any, using the codes below.

You must have a valid gas certification (CP12) if your property is being rented or rented. This certifies that the appliances in the property have been tested for safety and are fit for purpose. An agent who is using your property will need a copy of the CP12 – Gas Certificate before they can move tenants in. Private rental properties are subject to the landlord’s responsibility.

This is where the website comes in. MyConstructor will help you find trusted and knowledgeable professionals in your area. The reviews can be compared to make informed decisions about which professional to use for your gas safety test. It’s worthwhile to get in touch with the gas safety certificate near you about your particular needs when calling. Are you a landlord? What is the size of your apartment? Proactive communication is key to ensuring that professionals provide you with the best gas safety certificate near you service.

Regular gas engineers cannot inspect the gas and issue the CP12. Only registered gas engineers have the right to perform annual gas safety inspections and can issue a safety certificate.

This has been stated throughout, but it is important to remember that only Gas Safe-registered gas engineers are authorized to legally conduct annual gas safety inspections.

A code will be assigned to an installation that is at risk if it has any of the above-mentioned faults. If the installation is at risk, it will be shut down with your consent. It is recommended that you not use it again until the problem is fixed.


We are available to help with all types of boilers and heating installations.


Expert Boiler Engineers in Leeds

We can install many high-quality boilers, including Worcester Bosch. The most efficient boilers available that provide you with the best performance. Boilers keep your home warm, for less money than you think. A new boiler is more cost-effective than repairing an older system.

We can diagnose the problem and fix your boiler. As trusted Installers, we will also help you to save money. We understand that installing a new boiler is a big decision. So we made the process as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible.

What fuel should my boiler run on?Packages for boilers start at £1500.00 inc. VAT and include Gas Safe installation by a local heating engineer located in Leeds.

For any questions about new boiler installations or products, the experienced customer service staff will be happy to provide a quote. One of our engineers will contact you to give expert advice.

Enter your details to receive your complimentary online quote.

If you’re searching for a new boiler installer in Leeds, then look no further. We can supply and fit any kind of central heating system or combi boiler. You can have your annual boiler service done to prolong the boiler’s warranty.

Our boiler repair service can quickly fix any boiler that is broken. Here are some reasons to choose [site_name] for your boiler needs We do not use pushy sales tactics. Our products and service speak volumes. We are based in Leeds, and we do a lot of work in West Yorkshire as well as the surrounding areas. Leeds is our second most frequented location for boiler installation and repair.

Home Heating System Help are professional, trusted heating engineers located in West Yorkshire who have over 20 years of experience in central heating… Next, decide what type of central heating boiler is right for you.

What boiler type is best suited for my property?

We will provide all the information that you need to locate a high-quality boiler for your home.

People often consider the cost, inconvenience, and time involved in fitting a new boiler when our Boiler Repair Service becomes an impossible option. We make it easy for you. Our Customer Service experts are skilled at recommending and finding the best boilers for the homeowner. This is how we work together: We assess the situation, the use, and the property to provide you with options.

We can install many high-quality boilers, including Worcester Bosch. They are highly efficient boilers and will provide you with the best performance. Boilers will keep your house warm, for less than what you think. It is cheaper to install a new boiler than to repair an old one. This will reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers with the highest qualifications will meet you at your door with a friendly smile and book a time to install your boiler. We will quickly put you at ease, clearing the area and replacing the old boiler efficiently and with tidiness. After that, we will leave your home after having thoroughly explained how to use your new, fuel-conscious, energy-saving boiler.

Boiler Servicing, Installation and Repairs in Leeds

Some installers will include these costs in their quotation, while others may charge additional fees. The result is that your final bill could be higher than what you had expected. Home Heating System Help Our company is located in Leeds has seen significant growth in the 25 year period that we have been providing the West Yorkshire regions with high-quality central heating and boiler service.

Our team of friendly, highly skilled staff have been trained to a high standard. Gas Safe registered gas engineers also ensure that our goal to become the most trusted name in heating and boilers throughout the region is met.

Gas and heating contractors in your area

We know that a boiler replacement can be an unexpected event. That is why we created a service that was stress-free for our customers. Is there something we missed? Leave us a comment below with any questions or comments about boiler installations.

Heating system modification – Radiators and More

Boiler manufacturers now offer extended parts and labour warranties that range from 2 to 12 year. The warranty requires that the boiler be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

All manufacturers have a set of conditions that require the boiler to be installed in a clean environment. A power flush is the best method to clean a heating system. This will prevent any debris or sludge from old heating systems from contaminating the new boiler. It can also help improve efficiency by removing blockages from pipes and radiators. If a boiler is being installed to an older system, all quotes will include a powerflush. Please click here to find out more about power flushing.

After the job is completed, we will show you how the boiler works and register it for the manufacturer’s warranty. You don’t need to do anything. Gas Safe will also register it. A certificate from Gas Safe will then be sent to your home. You can be confident that you will receive a high quality job at a very affordable price if your search for a boiler upgrade in Leeds.


ABOUT Home Heating System Help

Home Heating System Help has earned a solid reputation in Leeds for boiler repairs. We also provide boiler repair services in Bradford and Huddersfield. Home Heating System Help offers emergency boiler repairs Leeds as well as a complete boiler replacement. We offer boiler repairs 24/7, 365 Days a Year. Plumber Leeds.

First Visit Fix

Home Heating System Help values customer service. We go above and beyond every day to ensure that our customers have a great experience. Our goal, whenever you need us, is to provide friendly advice, repairs, or complete boiler installation. We always charge a fair amount to cover the cost parts and labour. There are no hidden fees. Please contact us today to request a free quote. We can provide same-day assistance whenever you call.

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“Had a boiler leak and got prompt service within the hour. Came and fixed the issue at a reasonable price. Would highly recommend for the fast great service provided.”

Paul Styles

“An absolutely first class service. Used their services over many years and cannot complain whatsoever. Only need to pick up the phone if we have an issue and they attend.”

Helen Child

“Brilliant service and fast<br>Very friendly he explained everything he was doing great quality service
Would highly recommend”

Lisa Goodwin

“Absolutely fantastic service. Rang at 2pm on a Wednesday and within the hour he was here. Had parts on hand to fix my combi boiler and was very professional and polite. Would definitely recommend!!”

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