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York Heat Pumps 

A heat pump is a familyís best comfort appliance throughout the four seasons of the year. It not only is a good source of heat during the cold months but it also provides cool air when the heat is on during summer. It is, therefore, a must to choose the most ideal heat pump model suited for your homeís size and needs especially since it requires a significant financial investment. 

For quality, highly efficient and affordable heat pumps, you can turn to the York brand. York by Johnson Controls manufactures a split system type of heat pump that draws the heat out of your home in summer and brings heat from the air outside in winter. The heat pump consists of a compressor, fan, outdoor coil, indoor coil and a refrigerant. 

York is a trusted name in the manufacture of heating, ventilating and cooling technology for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company has been designing, engineering and making products for space conditioning and refrigeration purposes since 1874. York has also been involved in several important projects that include the English Channel Eurotunnel, the British Houses of Parliament, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Kremlin in Moscow and the Sydney Opera House. 

As far as heat pumps are concerned, York offers different types of split system units in various sizes and efficiencies rated according to SEER and HSPF. They are not only very efficient but easy to install as well. One of these is the Affinity 18 of the YZH series which should be matched with other components such as air handlers and add-on coils for a complete system. 

The Affinity 18 model boasts of a top quality metal coil guard and polymer mesh that protects the component from debris and other small particles. It also has a separate compartment for the compressor and for extra protection, a liquid line filter drier is installed in the compressor part. The unitís automotive quality finish also makes it stand out from the rest. This type of finish protects the unit against the sunís ultraviolet rays and is 33 percent more durable compared to the traditional powder-coat finish. 

For people wanting to enjoy the best comfort and peaceful environment in their home, this is the most ideal as it operates without much noise. With its swept-wing fan, isolated compressor and two-stage compressor and composite base pan, the sound emitted by this heat pump is very much lessened to only a whisper. 

York also offers packaged heat pumps that include the Latitude, Affinity and Sunline models. They feature the R-410A or R-22 refrigerants and are all Energy Star certified. 

Installing York heat pumps are cost effective and saves you time because they provide easy access to the unitís control parts together with angled service valves. They also use less energy than the traditional type of heating and reduce pollution that causes greenhouse gas emissions. 

Apart from heating systems, York also offers central air conditioning systems, gas and oil furnaces, air handlers, evaporator coils, indoor air quality accessories and single package units that can be used with a combination of gas heating and electric cooling. 

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