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Rheem Heat Pumps 

What Types of Rheem Heat Pumps are Offered?

Heat pumps used in the home should be efficient enough to provide the most comfort to families all year around. They should also be energy efficient to lessen the electricity bills of homeowners especially during these days when prices of fuel and power rates are up. The more economical the unit, the better it is for families. 

Rheem is a trusted brand you can depend on when still deciding on what unit of heat pump to purchase for your home. The Rheem Company started business in the mid-1920s in San Franciso, California initially making water heaters. By the 1940s and 1950s, it has expanded its product line to include space heating units and air conditioners. Today, it distributes its residential and commercial products and parts around the world and offers repair services to meet the needs of its clients. A leading manufacturer of heating and cooling appliances worldwide, its product line apart from the heat pumps include air conditioners, gas furnaces, air handlers and commercial HVAC products. 

A regular heat pump unit should have a compressor, fan, outdoor and indoor coil and a refrigerant. Basically, there has to be an outdoor unit where the compressor and coil are located, an indoor unit which contains the air handler or gas or oil furnace with oil and a ductwork which is responsible for spreading hot or cool air throughout the home. It uses electricity to make it run hence, it is necessary to pick an energy efficient unit to help you save on your electric bills. 

Rheemís heat pumps vary by models. The Prestige Series 16/14 SEER features a two-stage heat pump with comfort control system and R-410A refrigerants that have mid-range to higher efficiency. The comfort control system has a LED display that informs the contractor of malfunctions, a thermostat that can alert you of the unitís service needs and a fault recall feature that records the operation history of the heat pump. 

The Classic Series 14/13 SEER models, on the other hand, have lower to mid-range efficiency and either R-410A or R-22 refrigerants. All Rheem heat pumps are protected by a galvanized steel cabinet and all compressors have a 10-year warranty. The other parts for the Prestige Series enjoy a 10-year warranty while those in the Classic Series have a five-year warranty. 

Additionally, the Rheem Ruud heat pump is ideal for home use. It is a quiet unit with a 850 rpm motor fan so families are guaranteed a relaxing atmosphere at home all the time. This is a great investment as well because of its excellent efficiency. The unit has a three-ton compressor with a 3.5-ton indoor section and a durable outdoor coil. Whatís also best about this model is itís easy to repair and service. Technicians who have experience with this unit can prove that the components of the Rheem Ruud heat pump are easy to work on and change.  Heat pump troubleshooting guides maybe be found on the internet.

For purposes of heating water, Rheem boasts of a solar heat pump that utilizes the sunís energy as its fuel. Compared to a conventional electric water heater, Rheemís solar heat pump uses only about one-third of the usual energy consumption. This means you can enjoy big savings on your electricity costs for water heating by as much as two-thirds. The heat pump has a storage capacity of 310 liters and high recovery rate as it makes use of advanced single-pass top-down heating technology. It now has two separate components for easier handling and installation. Rheem is seen by some as one of the best rated heat pumps.  Rheem may also offer rebates, so research before buying.

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