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Lennox Heat Pumps

Lennox Heat Pumps 

Whether you are buying a new home or considering renovations to your present home, a Lennox heat pump may be the most viable solution for your home heating and cooling needs. Representing the best in home comfort system, Lennox heat pumps deliver a superior all-year round.

Traditionally popular in warmer climates, a heat pump is a machine which moves heat from one place to another. In winter, the heat pump absorbs heat from outdoor air or beneath the ground and pumps it inside the home where it is circulated through air ducts by a fan. During summer, the process is reversed. The heat pump moves warm air out of the home just like an air-conditioner.

Lennox Heat Pump Comfort Features

With its high efficiency ratings, cutting-edge technology and first-rate quality, Lennox heat pumps, bannered by the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, works the way it was designed keeping people comfortable throughout the year. With an array of exclusive features, the Lennox heat pump is undoubtedly one of the most energy-efficient heat pumps in the market today.

  • Silent Comfort Technology delivers the ultimate in quiet, consistent cooling and heating.

  • Precision-Balanced Direct Drive Fan ensures whisper quiet operation.

  • Insulator Compressor Compartment keeps operating sounds to a minimum.

  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor control air temperature and reduces operating sound.

  • High Efficiency Outdoor Coil provides maximum heat transfer and low air resistance paving for high efficiency operation.

  • Chlorine-Free Refrigerant gives utmost comfort without damaging the environment.

  • Enhanced Coil Guard protects the condenser coil guaranteeing efficiency of the heat pump.

  • Automatic Defrost Control easily clears frost build-up on the coil.

  • Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Cabinet is built of heavy gauge, galvanized steel.

  • High Pressure Safety Switch helps protect the heat pump and extend its life.

  • High Efficiency Rating means more energy savings.

  • Dual-Fuel Capability enables the heat pump to be combined with a gas furnace to boost comfort and fuel efficiency.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Reusable Service Valves help keep refrigerant from escaping during routine service.

  • Drainage Holes and Support Feet prevent harmful moisture from accumulating inside the base pan and protect the base against corrosion and wear by lifting the unit off the ground.

  • SmartHinge Louvered Design allows easy access to interior components for cleaning and maintenance. It also protects coils from harm and gives a clean appearance.

Lennox heat pumps are also backed by a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a 5-year limited warranty on all remaining other covered components.

Care and Maintenance

Like any other type of home comfort system, Lennox heat pumps need regular care and maintenance. A properly-maintained heat pump can save a lot on energy costs. When installed and regularly examined by a qualified technician, heat pumps can deliver many years of reliable service. Below are ways to ensure heat pumps give optimum performance.

  • Inspect ducts, filters, blower and indoor coil for dirt and other obstructions.
  • Check and seal duct leakage.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks.
  • Inspect electrical terminals; clean and tighten connections.
  • Lubricate motors.
  • Make sure there is adequate airflow.
  • Measure refrigerant charge.
  • Ensure that the thermostat is working properly.

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