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How Much Does a New Furnace Cost

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

A furnace serves a very important function in any home. It is mainly used as part of a heating system installed in homes and buildings. With this component, occupants of any residential structure are provided with their much needed warm air during the winter season.

If youíre planning to move to a new home with a poor heating system or if the one in your current home is no longer very efficient, maybe itís time to purchase a new furnace. But before you order, the first step you need to take is to determine the cost of the unit as well as the installation to make sure that you donít go beyond your budget.

Do a little research either by calling your local hardware stores or by browsing through the internet whichever is convenient for you. For sure you will be able to get some quotes on the current cost if you do your homework. In case youíre not satisfied with the first two options, you can contact local contractors in your area and ask for estimates. These contractors most likely know about the pricing especially those who work often in home construction and improvement projects.

Today, a new furnace can cost from a range of $3,000 to $5,000 dollars. It can be a major expense on your part but if itís an urgent need for your home, you can consider it a worthy investment. After all, this component of your heating system normally lasts for a long time for up to 14 to even 20 years when properly maintained.

Think about it, if the house you bought was built in the 1980s, then it sure is time to replace the original furnace. It is because the heating component has already served its full purpose and therefore itís high time to let it rest and buy a new one. You have to know that the older this mechanical and electronic appliance is, itís likely that its efficiency has also lowered through time. If it used to have an efficiency rating of say 70 to 80 percent, during this time the rate may have gone down to only 40-50 percent.

A new furnace, naturally, can boast of greater efficiency. Since it is new, it can work well and give you and your family the warmth you so desire in a faster time. As you shop around, you may likely see efficiency ratings of new models at 90-95 percent.

If youíre keen enough, thereís usually a price difference of about 10 percent between the new furnace that has a 90 percent efficiency and the other that boasts of a 95 percent efficiency rate. The efficiency rate refers to how well the furnace converts the fuel into heat to provide warm air to your home. This process takes place in the burner and heat exchanger after which the heat is released to the ductwork with the help of a blower.

Always keep in mind your budget before choosing the new furnace to buy. In other words, buy only what you can afford and be happy with it. Just remember to maintain your furnace well so it will stay with you for a long time.

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