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Home Heating and Cooling Systems Prices

Home Heating and Cooling Systems Prices

Looking to install a new heating or cooling system in your home but aren't sure how much it'll end up costing you? Don't worry, you're far from alone in this - with so many different types of systems available to the consumer nowadays, it can be really daunting to find the most appropriate solution for your home, while keeping within the reasonable limits of your budget. Lucky for you, there have been some significant advancements in the technology behind home heating/cooling systems, which allow you to get a very efficient solution while spending noticeably less money than people used to spend a few decades ago.

Now, the first and most obvious choice which comes to mind when thinking of both heating and cooling, is an air conditioner - modern units can serve both purposes, some really efficiently - a good air conditioner can not only provide you with cool, dry air in the summer, but also give you plenty of heat during the winter when it's needed. However, you should take into consideration that an air conditioner can be very expensive - not just in the immediate sense, but also in the longer run. A good air conditioner will easily cost you a few hundred dollars, and its installation can almost never be performed by you - you'll need a specialist for that. Apart from that, the unit can draw on your power very harshly, and your electric bills can easily jump through the roof if you're not careful and conservative.

If you're looking for efficiency and ease of use, you should look into a floor heating system. Sure, they take time and effort to install, but in the end they'll save you a lot of money on heating - they're noticeably more efficient than, say, a water-based heating system. Yes, it's true that this eliminates the possibility of cooling the house, but then again, there are some very cheap solutions to that problem as well (such as the relatively new "bladeless fans" which produce compressed air, much better cooled than a traditional fan does it).

The price of steam-based home heating systems has been going down in recent times as well, making it another attractive option. However, when you're looking for those, make sure you have contact with a professional who can install it - more often than not, faulty installations of these systems can end up costing their owners a lot more than they paid for the system originally, in terms of repairs and additional maintenance.

Last but not least, if price is the primary concern for you - check out your local oil prices. You'd be surprised how much you can get out of a good oil heating system, which can both provide you with plenty of heat and cost you very little in the long run. Once again though, that's largely dependent on how much you'll be paying for the oil, as this is the primary cost factor associated with this type of heating system.

Heating Systems

Solar Heat

Solar HeatSolar heating means utilizing the sunís thermal energy to provide space heating and hot water to homes and buildings. With a natural source of energy, this type of heating system has major benefits to homes

Solar Heat Information

Radiant Heat

Radiant HeatThis heating system works by providing heat directly to the floor or panels in the wall or ceiling. Radiant heating from the floor is known as radiant floor heating or simply floor heating and has actually three types 

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Hydronic Heat

Hydronic HeatHydronic heating refers to the use of water as the medium in transferring heat in heating and cooling systems. It is sometimes called in-floor or in-slab heating. This type is one of the oldest and most commonly used heating systems 

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Geothermal Heat

Geothermal HeatGeothermal heating systems are also known as ground-source heat pumps that draw a steady supply of heat energy from the soil and move it through a home or building.

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