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Goodman Heat Pumps

Goodman Heat Pumps 

Is your home comfortable all-year- round? Is your current heat pump quiet and energy-efficient? Does it also act as a dehumidifier? If not, it is time to switch to a Goodman heat pump.

Goodman heat pumps can be more efficient which translates to more money saved on energy bills. Goodman, the second largest manufacturer of residential air-conditioners and heating devices in North America, boasts top-quality, innovative heat pumps engineered to the strictest specifications and manufactured to the highest standards. Goodman heat pumps guarantee greater efficiency, exceptional performance and utmost comfort.

Goodman Heat Pump Systems

The Goodman brand offers a full range of heat pump systems to fit any budget, size and efficiency needs. They range from 13 to 16 SEER rating. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures a heat pumpís cooling efficiency. The higher the SEER, the greater the energy savings is. The highly efficient Goodman pumps lower the cost of keeping the home comfortable all year. 

Goodmanís packaged gas-electric units offer all-in-one air-conditioning and natural gas-powered furnace performance. Unlike split-system units, all components of a packaged heat pump system are contained in one location. The packaged gas/electric units also have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 80%. AFUE is the standard measurement of efficiency for gas and oil-fired furnaces. The percentage number tells how much of fuel is used to heat the home and how much is wasted. The higher the AFUE, the greater the efficiency is.

How a Goodman Heat Pump Works

A typical Goodman heat pump consists of an indoor unit (air handler) and an outdoor unit which looks like a central air conditioner. The heat pump transports heat into or out of the home. A special substance called a refrigerant circulates between the outdoor and indoor units, absorbing and releasing heat as it passes through the coils (spiral pipes).

When it is hot, the heat pump functions as a central air-conditioner. Indoor air travels through the indoor coil. The heat is then absorbed from the indoor air and the resulting cool air is circulated back into the home through the ducts. Apart from keeping the air cool, the heat pump also acts as an effective dehumidifier.

When it is cold, the process is reversed. The heat pump warms the home. Even though outdoor air feels cold, it actually still contains a certain amount of heat. The heat pump can squeeze heat out of cold air, and then transfer the heat into the home via the fan coil or furnace which then transports the warm air by means of the duct system

During cold weather, the Goodman heat pump may not be sufficient to heat the home. A dual system which may include a furnace may be needed.

How It Benefits Us

Besides using energy efficiently that translates to lower utility expenses. These environment-friendly heat pumps reduce energy use, improve the air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen reliance on fossil fuels. The Goodman heat pumps deliver consistent comfortable temperature indoors and also reduce humidity levels. As the heat pump draws air out of the home through the air ducts, the air passes through an air filter removing airborne particles such as dust. Clean air then surrounds the home. 
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