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Floor Heating Systems

Floor heating is a relatively new technique that's becoming very popular in some areas of the world. It's not very surprising that it's getting so much attention, either, considering some of the great benefits associated with it. There are two major types of floor heating available on the market today, and both are seeing relatively similar popularity in recent years, though electric floor heating systems seem to be more popular in some regards. The popularity of this type of system doesn't even seem to be attached to a particular demographic - it's being used all around the world.

The two types of floor heating systems are electricity-based and water-based ones. Their names should be pretty much self-explanatory - with electricity-based floor heating systems, you have a series of wires running beneath your floor, radiating heat as an electric current is run through them. On the other hand, water-based floor heating uses a network of pipes which are filled with hot water on demand, providing heat in a similar manner.

Of the two, it can be argued that electric floor heating systems are more popular, but in reality, water-based ones are being utilized just as much. It should be noted that electricity-based floor heating systems do have some slightly more attractive advantages associated with them - for example, they take up a lot less space, heat up faster and can be cheaper in the long run, depending on the costs of water and electricity in the user's area. Water-based floor heating systems suffer from the same disadvantages like traditional water radiators - they heat up a bit slowly and it can be more difficult to control the temperature.

Floor heating holds some advantages that many people don't immediately realize, too - for example, since the heat comes from beneath your feet, your body gets warmed up as you walk around the house - if you're using a traditional radiator system, you've probably noticed how you still put on heavy socks and thick slippers in the winter as you walk around the house, even though the rooms are relatively warm - with a floor heating systems, it's common for users to actually walk around the house bare-footed, as the warmth of the floor quickly spreads around the entire body and provides for a more healthy, efficient solution that feels more natural as well.

Of course, safety should be one of your primary concerns when installing a floor heating system, especially an electric one - make sure there are no flammable materials in the vicinity of your floor (especially on the floor itself). This means you'll have to get rid of any rubber mats, floor covers or soft rugs as they'll pose a fire hazard after the installation of your floor heating system. It's most common to use these systems with a tile-covered floor, or even bare cement, in order to minimize the risk of anything catching fire. The wiring should only be installed by a professional, too.

Heating Systems

Solar Heat

Solar HeatSolar heating means utilizing the sunís thermal energy to provide space heating and hot water to homes and buildings. With a natural source of energy, this type of heating system has major benefits to homes

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Radiant Heat

Radiant HeatThis heating system works by providing heat directly to the floor or panels in the wall or ceiling. Radiant heating from the floor is known as radiant floor heating or simply floor heating and has actually three types 

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Hydronic Heat

Hydronic HeatHydronic heating refers to the use of water as the medium in transferring heat in heating and cooling systems. It is sometimes called in-floor or in-slab heating. This type is one of the oldest and most commonly used heating systems 

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Geothermal Heat

Geothermal HeatGeothermal heating systems are also known as ground-source heat pumps that draw a steady supply of heat energy from the soil and move it through a home or building.

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