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Best Rated Heat Pumps

Best Rated Heat Pumps 

What are the Best Heat Pumps?

A heat pump is a basic necessity in the home. It is, therefore, crucial to select the best rated type that meets the needs of your family. This means considering all the major factors including the cost as purchasing a heat pump requires a significant amount of money.  

The best rated heat pump for your home will depend mainly on the efficiency, size, heat source, unit cost, installation cost and your estimated operational cost on a yearly basis. A heat pump has a so-called rated figure or the point at which it runs most efficiently, also known as the running speed. As this speed increases, the unitís efficiency slows notably when the weather is very cold or when the unit is first turned on but it should then achieve its rated speed. 

Things to consider

The number of rooms you want heated in your home is a critical factor. A single heat pump can heat only one room while a multi-system or the fully ducted system is capable of heating more than two rooms.

The most efficient heat pumps are those that command a high price. However, this does not necessarily mean that they have lower operational cost because they could actually cost you more in the long term. Take into account as well the repair and maintenance costs because heat pumps need to be inspected and serviced regularly by your dealer or installer. 

Proper installation of your heat pump is a must in order for it to function efficiently. Do be careful then when choosing the dealer from where to buy the unit. Your dealer should be able to advise you on the most suitable model ideal for your home and help you in the positioning and installation of the unit. 

For homes that are properly insulated, a smaller unit may be needed. This translates to lower energy costs and big savings. Good insulation of walls, windows and roofs is vital as it lessens the loss of heat. 

You can also look for extra features available in many models today that will reduce your maintenance costs and electricity bills. Select heat pumps that operate without much noise and those with the ultimate energy-saving efficiency. For less maintenance, pick the heat pump with plasma filters that not only reduce dust in the air but absorb bad odor as well and the self-cleaning filters that automatically cleans itself and sterilizes dirt and dust to provide fresher air to everyone. 

Types of heat pump

Various types of heat pump are in existence today so choose wisely according to your needs.

The split system features an outdoor door unit where the compressor is placed and an indoor unit that contains the fan. This results in a quieter operation as only the fan is inside the house to circulate the warm air. 

The hi-wall type is mounted on the wall. The slim models of this type are now the most popular in the market. They have advanced features such as remote control, reverse cycle, sleep and digital timer and moisture removal. 

The compact floor consoles are those that stand on the floor. It has a powerful operation but does not make any noise. The compact model measures 60 cm high and 74 cm wide. 

Ducted systems are the invisible solution and can heat the whole house. Insulated ductwork connected to ceiling outlets is responsible for distributing the air inside the home.

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