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American Standard Heat Pump 

Review of American Standard Heat Pumps

For people planning to purchase a heat pump for their homes, the American Standard heat pump is one of the top quality, long lasting, most affordable and most efficient you can find on the market today. This kind of heat pump is suitable for any size of home regardless of its heating and cooling needs.

One of the most popular models of American Standard heat pumps is the Heritage 18. This model makes use of two compressors and serves two purposes Ė for heating and cooling of rooms. What makes it different from the other brands is the fact that it has a durable interior coil system and rust-free coatings for its outdoor unit for extra protection against increment weather. 

Apart from the standard Heritage 18, there is another variation called the Heritage 18 communicating heat pump. It is called as such because its parts automatically communicates or talks to each other and coordinates with the other system parts through its AccuLink communicating mechanism. With a two-stage heating and cooling capacity, this lets you save up to 50 percent on your energy bills and allows the owner to change settings even remotely. It provides an even temperature via its variable speed fan and makes no noise when in operation. 

There are other models of American Standard heat pump such as the Heritage 16 which shares similar features as that of the Heritage 18 model. This can be used for both heating and cooling and is rated up to 17 SEER and 9.2 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. With 53 percent energy efficiency, homes using this model are guaranteed to experience ultimate comfort regardless of the weather. On the hottest 
days, the unitís two-stage system steps up to the second stage. 

For those in search of a single-stage heat pump, the Heritage 15 is an ideal choice. This model boasts of a quiet operation even when temperatures are extreme and can be utilized for both heating and cooling a home. It has a rated figure of up to 16.5 SEER and 9.0 HSPF and is an Energy Star-qualified unit. 

The Heritage 14 model, meanwhile, guarantees great comfort in the home. It features a single-row Spine Fin coil and Duration compressor and a durable outdoor system that can resist rust and other harmful elements. This model lets you save up to 47 percent on your electricity bills. 

Another affordable choice is the Heritage 13 model that can serve both heating and cooling purposes. It lessens greenhouse gas emissions and is about 38 percent energy efficient. And similar to the other models, this unit also has rust-resistant coating and a protection system for its screws and basepan. It is rated up to 14 SEER and 8.5 HSPF. 

Finally, thereís the Heritage Hybrid comfort system for those who have the extra budget. This boasts of 68 percent energy efficiency and is a unique one as it combines an electric heat pump with a natural gas furnace. It consists of a heat pump, indoor coil, furnace, air cleaner, thermostat and humidifier. 

All Heritage products of American Standard have a 10-year limited warranty on their Durantion compressor and Spine Fin coil and five-year limited warranty on all other components. Extended warranties are available for a certain fee. 

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